Today’s transportation industry has a major driver shortage. That is a fact. Companies are trying everything in their power to lure top drivers away from competitors to help combat the shortage, and it’s giving drivers the power to choose. Unfortunately, that power often comes with a mentality that the grass is greener on the other side. I’m going to suggest some restraint in these situations. Human nature tends to creep in and make us want what we don’t have, especially when money is involved. I see drivers jump companies all the time for a raise of a few cents, but making a decision solely based on driver pay is like buying a house without ever seeing the inside, you’re not getting the whole picture. Yes, getting paid more money is a great thing, but there are so many other factors far more important than pay that you should consider before joining a company. Consider this your crash course on driver benefits.

The benefits that drivers can come to expect have advanced exponentially with the tech boom and show no sign of slowing down. Smartphones and tablets have given us an accessibility that has never been seen before and more and more companies are eager to take a seat at the table. What does that mean for you? Options, and lots of them. Here are the top benefits you should be looking for in addition to driver pay:

Fuel Discounts

Not using fuel discounts being offered by your company is like cashing your paycheck and throwing a chunk of it in the trash. Use the discounts! Still wary of whether they are worth it? I’ll lay out the numbers for you: Let’s say you run 14,950 miles per month at 15 miles to the gallon. In a single month you will consume approximately 996 gallons of fuel. If the average advertised price of fuel is $2.42/gallon, but you get a $.10 discount when using your fuel card, you can save about $90/month after transaction fees, and that’s with only a $.10 difference! A $.25 discount could total over $200 going back into your pocket or operation. Having extra money for vehicle maintenance, motels, food, insurance, etc. can only help your bottom line and make you more profitable. Take the time to hunt for the best price and use your discounts!


Every driver needs a comfortable place to get some rest every now and then, which is why a network of motels/hotels is important to have. A fuel or lodging card that gives you discounts or points toward free stays is a must when you are so often on the road. Select an option that gives you a wide range of locations, from top hotels to the quick and convenient motels that are sometimes the only choice.

Method of Pay

The amount you get paid is not always as important as the speed of pay. I’ve often heard that the best ability is availability and that’s no different when it comes to your funds. What good is money if you don’t have access to it? Having the resources to transmit documents and receive payment in a short amount of time is crucial in today’s mobile age, and that’s what you should be looking for.


The cost to maintain a vehicle has risen significantly in the last decade. Truck manufacturers are turning to complex designs, intricate electronics, and emissions filters that add up when it comes to maintaining a rig. Looking for discounts on routine maintenance like oil changes and tire purchases can make a significant difference in your bottom line at the end of the year.

Office Personnel

Not much can influence the satisfaction of work like the people that surround you. This may seem like such a trivial topic, but be sure the personalities of the people you work with, and for, are the right fit. Having the respect of the people in your organization gives you the unique opportunity to talk with them as equals instead of a subordinate, something that’s hard to measure the actual value of.

Company benefits are much more valuable to the success of a driver than they initially show. Saving money or time on every single category of your operation will end up making you more money, which is the ultimate goal of any business. If you are willing to change companies for a small difference in driver pay, you may want to take a look at the whole picture before doing so. Initial impressions may or may not always be correct, but don’t guess and take a chance. Do your research on benefits and the whole picture before making a change, and I bet you will find yourself in a better place.