Do I need to provide my own truck to drive?

Yes, we do not have vehicles to rent.

Where does Indiana Transport ship trailers?

We send trailers to 48 states and Canada.

Will I be force dispatched?

No, you choose when and where you go.

How will I be paid?

Pay is based on a per mile rate. Half the money you earn for each trip is loaded on a pay card when the trailer is dispatched and half after delivery.

How often do I need to work?

At least one trip per month is recommended.

How do I get dispatched?

You can self-dispatch on our app or call one of our friendly dispatchers. Once a trip is agreed upon, the paperwork is ready for you to pick up in our office 24/7.

Will I be loaded both ways?

We have backhauls on our load board but these loads are not guaranteed.

Can I find my own back-haul's?

Yes, but they must be run through our company to make the transportation legal.

Do I need to fill out a log book?

Yes, we use KeepTruckin for all FMCSA regulated activities. 

How many hours can I drive in a day?

Drivers are allotted 11 hours of driving within a 14 hour work shift.

Do I need to stop at weigh stations?


Can someone ride with me while working?

Riders are discouraged, but allowed if over the age of 18 and approved by our company.

If I put a mattress in my truck, does it count as a legal sleeper berth?

No. A legal sleeper berth must meet the requirements of 49 CFR 393.76.